The Garden

 Eden – your life-quality place on earth!

When you live at Eden, for the night at our Studios, or leasing a house, you have full access to our 2.5 acre garden. Located just 80 kilometers from Cape Town, this is a unique place where you can come and relax. Eden is surrounded by winelands, and located at the end of up-and-coming Riebeek Kasteel.

The garden of Eden is created from scratch, there was absolutely nothing here 20 years ago. We chose fast growing trees and shrubs to provide shade and create space for the more succulent beautiful trees and shrubs that we see today in full force.

There are different varieties of oaks across our garden – water, turkish, and european oak. This creates a European atmosphere in the garden.

The perhaps highest and most grand oak is one that one of the founders planted from an acorn during his time in school in England. He then brought it back to Johannesburg, before he eventually planted it in the garden of Eden. 

Here are trees, bushes and flowers that give the different seasons their special color and shape.

In the middle of the garden there is a big pond with a small island. From this small area you can sit down and relax in the garden.

Click here to watch our drone footage from above (Youtube link)!