Welcome to our Eden, which we feel is as close to Paradise as you can get.

Eden is a uniquely large garden, located in the center of beautiful and popular Riebeek Kasteel (80 km north of Cape Town). With only a twelve-minute walk, or a two-minute drive, you will be right in the center of Riebeek Kasteel which is buzzing with trendy restaurants, unique wine stores, shops, galleries, and microbreweries. This area provides unmatched opportunities for activities around the vineyards to the mighty Kasteelberg, a place where every sunset is truly unique.

We currently offer two types of opportunities to rent housing from Eden. The first one, we call Eden Studios, and is an en-suite solution. We have four of these double bedrooms, and you can stay there for a night or more. Eden Studios is booked through airBnB, and will grant you full access to the garden and all its amenities. Eden Studios accommodates groups visiting the area for weddings, corporate events, family gatherings etc.

Click this link to read an article about us & Riebeek Kasteel from a Swedish Magzine ÄHLM (in Swedish, PDF)

The second option for housing is to lease one of the four houses on a full-year basis. The houses vary in size and layout, so please make sure to email Camilla, at eden@nilssonbrothers.com, for more information about this.

Eden Studios

There are currently four, double bed, en-suite studios available for rental (Lemon, Olive, Clivia, and Agapanthus). Check our Book page and book your stay through AirBnB.

Eden Long-term Housing

There are four permanent households on the premises. Please email us at eden@nilssonbrothers.com if you want to learn more about this.

Eden studios is part of a company that works diligently with The UN’s Global Goals, specifically #8 to “Promote beneficial and sustainable tourism”.